Saturday, 4 May 2013

Introduction and/or Prologue

What we are about to embark on is a journey. A journey filled with struggle, trials, tribulations and constant teeth grinding. My goal with this blog is to chronicle the development of a computer game from it's first lines of code all the way to release. More specifically, I intend to keep track of the ideas, methods and solutions I develop as I work my way through this task. For the less technically inclined, I would also like to share interesting or funny stories and pictures somehow related to my odyssey.

Now, a little about me:
As of this post, I am a 2nd/3rd year inbetween-er Computer Science student. I've always had an interest in games (video or otherwise), from a play and design perspective. Something about game design is incredibly attractive to me, far more so than any other creative medium. I've never programmed a full game before and am ready to have my incredibly arrogant attitude firmly put in it's place.

What I will be developing in:
While I'm conversational in a multitude of programming languages including Python, Java and C,
I will be using the C++ language and the SFML multimedia library. My environment of choice will be Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional edition.

Now, finally, what is this game I'm designing and developing? Well, you might be disappointed in it's simplicity, at least initially. My game, "Wanderer" (working title) will be a survival game based entirely around searching for food, discovering treasure and avoiding death (by zombies and not finding food) The player will start off with a projectile weapon (shooting a gun, throwing rocks I'll leave that up to your imagination) with which to repel the zombie hoards and an open level to find the treasure.

I can already tell you're not impressed. Luckily, I don't need to impress you! The game's simplicity is part of my strategy. I get very easily distracted with projects like this. If a project is far too complex, I'll get overwhelmed with the notion that I will never see it completed. If it's too simple or uninteresting, I find myself getting incredibly bored. To keep myself both interested and grounded I'll be developing this game in stages.

Stage 1 has already been described above.

Stage 2/3 will involve adding in procedurally generated, infinitely reaching maps for the player to navigate

Stage 2/3 will involve adding more depth to the core game play. Most likely in the form of varying tools for the player and varying enemy types an behaviors.

Stage ?

Stage ?+1 will involve profit.

This is where I stand right now. how long will I stand here? Will I reach my destination? Will my destination change? Right now I don't know. All I know is that I'm inspired and I'm hoping I can use that inspiration to create something I'm proud of.

Come at me world.